Our Services

Industry Best Targeted Marketing Data

We are a world class organization that provides only premium unadulterated data.

Turn Key E Mail Campaigns

Send us your text and art work or images and we will set up, test, execute and track your E mail campaigns.

Opt in Landing Pages/URL's

We have access to thousands of web pages and landing pages covering many industry verticals and segments.

Co Registration Pages

We have access to thousands of co-registration pages providing us a pipeline of precise consumer data.Our Healthcare Data base contains voluntary information on ailments, medications and much more.

Consumer Surveys

Millions of bits of consumer information are generated for us through surveys. Co-registration and surveys are just another format of opt in information.

E Mail Surveys

E mail is another example of our industry best data generation practices. Millions of consumers answer emails daily volunteering their likes, purchases, habits and education.


The U.S. mail is also a vehicle we utilize in our efforts to capture precise consumer data.

Modeled Data

When creating and maintaining a total data base of 300 million records it takes expertise and diversificaon in capturing and maintaining this breadth of data. All this data access helps us to predict what your buyer looks like which is the main ingredient in our modeled data bases.

Custom Modeling

For our larger clientele we can customize a given consumer base by modeling or utilizing the people that have actually purchased the product or service to create a custom data base of buyers.